Watch WWE Royal Rumble 1/26/20 – February 26th, 2020

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DATE: February 26th, 2020

SHOW: WWE Royal Rumble


WWE Royal Rumble is another even which is counted among the Big Four pay per view events that WWE produces namely WWE Summer Slam, WWE Survivors, and WWE Wrestle Mania. Royal Rumble is produced by Pat Patterson and it was first broadcasted in 1988 on U.S Network later on it was turned into a pay per view. Royal Rumble is approximately 90 minutes long and it involves kickoffs, post-event matches, and the main event.

The pattern of the event:

WWE royal rumble is based upon a concept that there are usually 30 wrestlers who have to eliminate one another to get them declared as the winner. Every wrestler has to knock down its opponent by lifting him and throwing him into the ring. The feet must be touching the ground. This pattern is too furious as it includes the act of slamming down the opponent to the floor and the one who gets succeeds is the one who is declared to be the winner.


WWE Royal Rumble kicks off 2020 included two matches respectively one for the male wrestlers and the other for the female ones. Kickoffs are fewer duration matches also named pre matches that are held before the main event.

Main Event:

The main event is when the superstars get into action. The wrestlers fight for the WWE championship between RAW and SmackDown champions as it happened in the main event Brock Lesnar for RAW knocked down Elias from SmackDown and eliminated him.

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