Watch WWE NXT UK 2/27/20 – 27 February 2020 today Highlights

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DATE: February 27, 2020



WWE NXT refers to the type of platform that promotes amateur wrestlers to prove them enough to get entered into the world of superstars. WWE NXT is an event that has become the top most watched and rated event produced by the company besides WWE SmackDown and WWE RAW. The following event is all about getting to know who is mighty enough to become WWE, NEXT Superstar.

WWE NXT was introduced in 2010. The show is about professional wrestlers from the SmackDown and WWE RAW roster training the amateur grapplers and then they are supposed to compete with each other the winner, however, is determined as a WWE NXT Superstar. The show is produced by Triple H. The running time of WWE NXT is 2 hours or 120 minutes.


NXT Arrival was an event that was held in February 2014 it served as an opening event of WWE NXT main event.


NXT TAKEOVERS are the events that take place as live events daily these events have a run time of 180 minutes. After the NXT Arrival, all the shows are considered as WWE NXT and the live episodes are named as WWE NXT TAKEOVERS

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