Watch WWE 24 Season 1 Episode 26 4/6/20 – 4th April 2020 today Highlights

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DATE: April 24, 2020



WWE 24 is an abbreviation of Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment. It is the largest network of producing professional wrestling shows and championships every year. WWE was an American media promoting wrestling only but now it has its franchise as in movies, football, merchandise and much more exciting. WWE was founded primarily 68 years back in the year 1952 under the title of Capitol Wrestling Corporation Limited by Jess McMahon and Toots Mondt. The founder of WWE is Vincent McMahon. Since 1998 to date, the company has never failed to amuse its viewers from across the globe. The company serves in 150 countries and has held approximately over 500 events till now.

The company name was initially Titan Sports in 1980. Later it was titled Worldwide Wrestling Federation WWF in 1988 and as Worldwide Wrestling Federation Entertainment in 1999 and then finally as Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment in 2002. All wrestling shows follow a storyline as written by WWE writers and the wrestlers are the members of WWE roster and they are made to sign the contract according to that wrestlers would only appear in WWE produced shows and not for any other promotions however exceptions are there. The purpose of all the events held and wrestling shows is to provide entertainment to the spectators.

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