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DATE: May 8, 2020

SHOW: ROH Wrestling

ROH Wrestling!

ROH is an abbreviation for Ring of Honor it is a company that promotes the performance of professional wrestling events. ROH was founded 17 years back and is run by its parent company Sinclair Broadcast Group. ROH is ranked among the leading wrestling promoting companies namely WWE TNA Impact and AEW. However, it increased its rank from Impact due to its contracts with companies outside of the U.S. The shows are either of 2 1/2 long or are of 3 hours. The industry was founded by Rob Feinstein. ROH has set a threshold in the world of wrestling by the involvement of such wrestlers and features that takes it to the next level in terms of Pro wrestling.


ROH wrestling pattern is different from others because it develops its code of honor a set of rules wrestlers should follow. The Code of Honor determines the type of behavior and demeanor of a wrestler should maintain prior to the match. The rules as discourse below:

  1. Greeting each other by shaking hands is a must.
  2. Outsiders cannot poke nose in between.
  3. No sudden or surprise attacks are entertained.
  4. Officials (referee) should not be harmed.
  5. Code of Honor is disrupted in case of any disqualification.

Later on, the code was refurbished and the wrestlers were expected to follow just 3 rules:

  • Greeting their opponent if they feel like doing so.
  • Keeping the playfield level which is to give equal disadvantages and advantages to everyone.
  • Being respectful towards the officials.

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