Watch Impact Wrestling 3/10/20 – 10 March 2020 today Highlights

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DATE: March 10, 2020

SHOW: Impact Wrestling


TNA is an abbreviation for Total Non-stop Action. It is a professional wrestling promotion industry that was originated on 19th June in is a private association that promotes a proficient version of wrestling and the organization was formed by Jarrett. The impact is the television program based on wrestling that was introduced in 3014 by the association.

Characteristics of TNA IMPACT:

  • It had a six-sided ring. TNA Impact when introduced Impact also presented the concept of a hexagon-shaped wrestling ring. Unlike the traditional one that has 4 sides and is of square or rectangular shape.
  • Introduction of X-Division is what made Impact leave an adventurous yet thrilling impact on the audience since it is a high-risk move but TNA Impact set certain for this action as mentioned below
    • Weight restriction of 330 lb.
    • Compulsory for the matches to triple threat.
    • The one who got to submit would be disqualified however the other one would appear in the next X-Division challenge.
  • The wrestlers were not allowed to participate in any other televised wrestling shows but they can sign the contract for the non- televised ones.

The current champion of TNA Impact is Jordynne Grace who defeated Taya Valekerie in Mexico on 30th January 2020.


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