Watch Wrestling (WWE Main Event)

Watch Wrestling is a sport having fan base from all around the world and of every culture, age or gender. No matter what but wrestling intrigues many people out there. Every single move of a wrestler arouses the feeling of excitement and thrill into the wrestling lovers. There are many ardent admirers of wrestling and wrestlers specifically who get inspired by either the game or the player itself. Wrestlers are liked due to their charisma and the strength they fall into the ring with.

When it comes to watch wrestling the only abbreviation everybody chants is the WWE which refers to Worldwide Wrestling Today Entertainment. It is a hub for all wrestling events and shows WWE is a media entertainment company known for professional wrestling basically which was established in 1952 and to date WWE is serving its fans worldwide. WWE competitions regarding wrestling are particularly for the sake of entertainment mostly the shows are scripted but some involve the real action even the scripted ones will give chills down your spine.

There are countless rivalries and occasions WWE offers as far as giving amusement to watch wrestling today lovers as the organization never flops in raising something gutsy yet worth looking for its fans to yearn for watch wrestling more.

What WWE has to offer?

The following are the events and competitions that WWE intrigues its fans with namely they are as follows:

  1. WWE SmackDown
  2. WWE RAW
  3. WWE NXT
  4. WWE Royal Rumble
  5. WWE TLC (Tables, Ladders, and Chairs)
  6. WWE Survivor Series
  7. WWE Hell in a Cell
  8. WWE Summer Slam
  9. WWE Super ShowDown
  10. WWE Money in the bank
  11. WWE Clash of Champions
  12. WWE Crown Jewel
  13. WWE Wrestle Mania
  14. WWE Elimination Chamber
  15. WWE Extreme Rules 
  16. WWE Stomping Grounds
  17. WWE Vintage
  18. WWE Mixed Match Challenge
  19. WWE Fast Lane 
  20. WWE Pay-Per-Views

WHAT IS Watch Wrestling ?

Watch Wrestling has a collection of shows out of which a bunch of competitions Watch Wrestling WWE Main Event is one of those major shows aired by WWE which gets it highly paid. The show was first broadcasted on October 3 in 2012. This one hour show is aired on Wednesday evenings and was founded by Vincent Kennedy McMahon who is the CEO of WWE. He was himself a Royal Rumble 1999 champion and has two-time world championship. He has also provided services to WWE as a commentator and professional wrestler.

Main Event is an hour-long show and is a great source of revenue for the company WWE because it is a show where professional wrestlers break new grounds of wrestling by coming up with new modes of wrestling and making the sport more interesting for fans to watch. Moreover, since the wrestlers are professional die heart fans of wrestling wish to watch it as soon as possible because of their favorite wrestlers. 

WWE does not consider it as valuable as SmackDown and WWE RAW but there are several reasons it is worth to be watched one of which is that it acts as bridge between SmackDown and RAW providing a burst of entertainment throughout the week WWE Main Event do that task because SmackDown is aired on every Friday and RAW on every Monday through WWE keeps broadcasting minor shows in between but calling Main Event as minor would not do justice with entertainment it provides to its fans since they get to see the superstars from their most loved ones to the most hated ones. Mostly WWE roster features wrestlers from RAW into the Main Event.

What makes WWE Watch Wrestling?

WWE Wrestling is always interesting for its fans collectively because of all the action and excitement it fuels up its lovers with but certain reasons particularly are associated with the WWE Main Event and hence makes it worth watching and discriminates and makes it stand out among the other shows specifically WWE SmackDown and WWE RAW. That is considered to be as major shows that WWE produces and from which it earns tons of revenue albeit the Main Event has set its mark among them and got a vast range of fans around the globe and following are the reasons why:

  1. WWE Main Event is mistaken to be considered as a show that has ripped off WWE Superstars, however, that is not the exact case because WWE Superstars features grapplers that are mid to low card wrestlers and bang the audience in between the show and the purpose of such a show is not wrestling at all while watching Main Event one can feel the difference as he would not have to see wrestlers like Kofi KingstonVS Dolph Ziggler or Jack Swagger VS. Bad News Barret. Rather you got to experience similarly as in WWE SmackDown and WWE RAW.
  2. As we all know that WWE SmackDown and Raw the two major events produced by WWE that fire the enthusiasm of its fans on Friday and Monday night out of which WWE RAW consumes 3 hours of its spectator’s time. In comparison to that Main Event shows real action by just utilizing an hour. This reason makes it worthy enough to be watched as it 60 minutes of action and thrill are better than 180 minutes of so much happening other than a showcase of real adventure.
  3. The Main Event is named according to the type of event it actually which means it does not have too many segments as in WWE RAW that would make you wait for so long to get the desired thrill everyone expects to watch while spectating a wrestling match. Moreover, overall event flows smoothly since there will be no such segments you might not feel not worth watching.
  4. The Main Event covers everything in a limited time of 60 minutes and also focuses a bit on the development of storyline so if you miss it out you might feel like missing out a major element from the show. This quality of this event takes excitement level of the spectator to a next level.